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Как заполнить ComboBox на ASP странице
How to populate ComboBox with data from Access table on ASP page

Applies to: Access 97

The trick is to get the <%...%> and <SCRIPT> tags correct.
Here is a code sample:
Dim oConn 'ADODB connection
Dim strSQL
Dim dynReport

Set oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
oConn.Open "myDSN", "myUID", "myPWD"
strSQL = "SELECT field1 from Table1"
Set dynReport = oConn.Execute(strSQL)


<OBJECT ID="ComboBox1" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=24
<PARAM NAME="VariousPropertyBits" VALUE="746604571">
<PARAM NAME="DisplayStyle" VALUE="3">
<PARAM NAME="Size" VALUE="7938;635">
<PARAM NAME="MatchEntry" VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME="ShowDropButtonWhen" VALUE="2">
<PARAM NAME="Value" VALUE="Please Select Value">
<PARAM NAME="FontEffects" VALUE="1073741825">
<PARAM NAME="FontHeight" VALUE="165">
<PARAM NAME="FontCharSet" VALUE="0">
<PARAM NAME="FontPitchAndFamily" VALUE="2">
<PARAM NAME="FontWeight" VALUE="700">
Do While Not dynReport.EOF %>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="1vbscript">
ComboBox1.Additem "<%=dynReport("field1")%>"


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